Infinite Mind pictures is a portal for imagined worlds, immersive narratives, humanitarian games and augmented education.


The Great War in Translation: Propaganda Art in World War I 

(Virtual Museums Canada in partnership with The Military Museums)

  1. create three interactive narratives of WWI Canadians experiencing propaganda art in their daily life

  2. build a Minecraft-designed environment for the user to immerse themselves in each narrative

  3. incorporate UDL accessibility and French-language requirements for a national project

  4. embed screenplay narrative structure and conversation tree interactions


Pilots of Gallaxia: a board game that gives back! 

(Kickstarter project on Facebook

  1. create a retail-ready version of the game

  2. build a community of backers for launch 

  3. support Schoolbox charitable project, building schools in Nicaragua and indigenous libraries in remote Canadian communities

  4. develop AR strategy to show progress in-game of Schoolbox buildings and show off epic galactic battles